Weight Management Center

Dr. Anisha Gupta has developed and manages the Weight Loss Program at TEG Wellness. Along with having an expertise in the spectrum of diabetes, thyroid, pituitary, adrenal and other endocrine conditions, Dr. Gupta is additionally board certified in obesity medicine and has had great success helping her patients achieve their weight management goals.

At TEG Wellness, we believe in a holistic approach to the patient. We not only approach weight loss from a diet and exercise standpoint, but we also focus on balancing hormones, achieving glucose control and incorporating medications as appropriate for best success. Our services, in general, are covered by insurance, but we also have packages and special cash payment options for those interested.

Through this comprehensive program, Dr. Gupta provides exercise, nutrition and medication management for any and all endocrine conditions that might be affecting your inflammation levels in the body! Our goal is to improve energy, mood, metabolic health (including blood sugars and thyroid health), while maintaining a healthy lifestyle that is easy to implement and maintain! As an additional service, we provide body composition analysis and measurement of basal metabolic rates as a part of our treatment plan.

Dr. Gupta is a regular contributor to several publications. Click on this link to read about Dr. Gupta’s own journey into weight loss!

Testimonials and Before/After Pictures

“I am Type 1 Diabetic and have always been told that since I have to take insulin it’ll be impossible to lose weight. My weight loss journey started in April 2019 and to date I have lost 29 pounds. When I became a patient of Dr. Gupta in February 2019 I was struggling with my A1C, my weight, and blood pressure. Dr. Gupta asked me what my weight loss goals are and quickly provided a personalized plan that worked for me. I was quickly able to see a nutritionist and the offices’ diabetes educator Emily. Dr. Gupta and Emily checked on me frequently while my insulin was being adjusted Dr. Gupta has been my biggest fan during the journey and am forever grateful to her. Our goal is to get down 10 more pounds and we’re almost there.”

“I started Ozempic 0.25 injections on June 2019. I started to see results when I started 0.50 injections. The before pic was snapped on May 2019 and after pic was snapped on March 2020. So far I have lost 30 pounds. It does curb my appetite and my family and friends have noticed my weight loss. I have recommended Ozempic to others.”

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